Host in Your City

Have dozens upon dozens of developers, designers, strategists, experts, and more in your open office or event space for a weekend of building innovative projects that tackle global issues in fisheries, our bodies of waters, and the populations around it.

Your team gets an opportunity to be at the front lines and in the center of a purpose-driven hackathon. Build brand recognition at a grassroots developer level in your communities. Participate in a great global cause and demonstrate excellence in social responsibility.

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Here’s a quick rundown of what we look for in a hackathon venue:

  • Space: A wide-open space that can have group tables and a section for food
  • Availability: Be able to accommodate multiple teams of hackathoners for the weekend of February 10-11 (overnight) – setup onsite typically happens the Friday night before or early Saturday morning.
  • Internet Bandwidth: Have sufficient internet bandwidth for teams to work on their projects

We’ll be working with our city organizing teams of 2 to 4 people to plan and produce the hackathon. For the weekend, we also get a handful of at-event volunteers that will support us in ensuring a successful event. As guests in your space, our local teams and head office liaison will work with you to ensure that adequate safety and security are maintained over the weekend, and that we help return it to its original state after the hackathon. Participants are generally polite, respectful, and cognizant of preserving their reputation as local tech communities can be quite tight-knit.


City organizing teams are being put together as we speak. Please be in touch and let us know which city you’re in and provide your space details! We look forward to chatting!

If you’re interested in also organizing the hackathon, that’s fantastic! Fill out this short application form!