Organize in Your City

Without the help of talented and dedicated city organizers like yourself, we would not be able to make Fishackathon 2018 a global success, so thank you! Last year we ran in 40+ cities, and we’re excited to see that number grow this year.

“I want to be an organizer, but what does that mean? Do I have to quit my job?!?”

Good question! You definitely don’t have to quit your day job to run an awesome hackathon in your city. All we ask is 2-5 hours/week of your time leading up to the event. Expect to be busier as you put together the final touches together in the weeks before the event. Of course, we’ll need your full availability the weekend of the hackathon.

Processing ...

Here are a few of the things that city organizers are responsible for:

  • Finding an in-kind venue host. Without a sponsored venue to host participants and volunteers throughout the hackathon (including overnight), there is no hackathon!
  • Local marketing + reach out. Cross-promoting the event with partner and other tech groups in your area to get 50 to 150 participants is critical.
  • Securing mentors & judges for the event. Mentors who are industry or tech experts, are needed during the event itself to help guide participants, offer advice, and answer questions. Judges are needed on Sunday afternoon to judge participants’ creations.
  • Managing volunteers. As an organizer, you’ll have an awesome team of volunteers to manage – they will help you before and during the event.
  • Vendors. Easy to sort things may be needed, like furniture rental and food & beverage.

What do we look for in an organizer? Well, a sense of responsibility, teamwork, reliability, organizational skills, communication + people skills are prerequisites. A good sense of humour is optional – but definitely appreciated!

Our Unite Forums will be your one-stop-shop for all things Fishackathon organizers need to know, but more on that later.

If this sounds like you, and you haven’t filled out our form yet, please do so here.

If you have, we’ll be contacting you shortly with more information on next steps.

Thanks for taking the bait!